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An Introduction to Mouse Traps and a Guide to Buying the Best

Mice can be a nuisance at home running all over your home and eating your food, not to mention chewing on your expensive clothes and carpet as they look for nest material. Should you detect this little and annoying creatures are feeling comfortable in your house, you have two options at your disposal when it comes to trapping them. There are two major categories of mouse traps… live traps and kill traps. If you are a fan of cartoons, you have probably seen the snap trap in the famous Tom and Jerry cartoon.

Basically, a mouse trap is designed in such a way that bait is placed to lure the mouse to eat it and once it gets in the trap is released, and the mouse is captured inside. One popular example of a kill trap is the glue trap or blue board. Once it steps on the trap which has a sticky surface, it gets stuck permanently.

Electronic mouse traps are another popular kill trap category among homeowners today. They are designed in such a way that they release the lethal electric power that electrocutes all mice when they get into the trap. With this trap that looks like a large box, you get to place bait near its rear. So advanced is the electronic trap that it comes with motion sensors and the moment it senses the presence of a mouse, it automatically releases an electric shock that kills the mouse instantly. Additionally, they feature a light indicator on the outside that helps alert you once a mouse has been killed inside. Most people prefer the best electric mouse trap since it can be emptied and re-used again, making more economical sense when there are so many rodents that need to be eradicated.

If you want to take a more humane approach to get rid of your mouse problem, you might want to consider live traps. This is an attractive option if you don’t want to kill but tame the mouse by trapping them live and releasing them outside. If you want to release the mouse alive, you might want to invest in the best humane mouse trap. Otherwise, some are known to malfunction and hold the mouse too tightly to the point of killing them. Another thing worth giving a mention is all mouse traps rely on bait to attract and trap the mouse inside. They are also available in a variety of styles and designs most of which are a variation of a large box that allows the mouse to get in but prevents it from finding its way out. You can always start your search of the best mouse traps by reading online reviews.

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