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Traveling to Lolland Denmark

As Denmark’s “pancake island”, many tourists visit Denmark, and it is considered the highest point having 82 feet or 25 meters depth above the sea level. Lolland is a very important communication highway during the World War II for Nazi Germany among others. Lolland have different towns and the famous ones among tourists include Maribo, Nakskov, Falster, Rodby, and Sakskobing. In Lolland,
sugar beet sugar is their main product and it is still the major industry, which is highly visible in vast sugar beet fields.

Lolland has railway and motor links connecting the island of Falster and the east, and through ferry from Fehran, a German island to the mainland. There are many historical attractions in Lolland including the Fuglsang Art Museum that opened in 2008, and the Fuglsang Manor built in the 19th century. The Knuthenborg Safari Park found in the north of Maribo is considered as the largest safari park located in Northern Europe. Lalandia is considered as a holiday resort and a very big indoor swimming and water-fun-land. On the eastern part of Lolland, you’ll find Nykobing Falster, and tourists will definitely enjoy and love visiting the famous Middelaldercentret, an open-air museum. The museum center is an authentic reconstruction of Europe’s medieval period, and holding both the oldest and the largest trebuchets worldwide.

Lolland is proud of its sandy beaches, and many tourists find the shores appealing and very relaxing. These sandy beaches have beautiful summer houses that German tourists enjoy. Hotels in Maribo and in Lolland in general are fully booked from late June to August, so reserving early is important. The tourism department of Lolland encourages tourists to visit during this time because of the rainless days to fully enjoy the beach and the other tourists attractions. You can book a flight in Lolland and get to experience the wide array of activities and attractions. Allow your kids to enjoy and learn about exotic animals found in Knuthenborg Safari Park. In the evening, enjoy watching the sunset with your entire family on the fun Post Boat.

So, what stops you from traveling to Lolland? Come and visit the place and you’ll be back in the medieval period’s rich culture and traditions. You’ll find many sorts of accommodations from bed and breakfast, hotels, summer houses, and lodges. Experience Lolland and experience the fun with your family and friends!

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